Meet Noelle


I have always loved food, cooking, creating new recipes with friends, and sharing meals with friends and family. When I learned how nutrients from our diet can influence our metabolism, gut microbiota and overall wellness, I knew proper nutrition was vital for promoting and maintaining health.

Nutrition Counseling and Education


As a registered dietitian I provide medical nutrition therapy counseling to help prevent, or manage symptoms of various chronic disease as well as to improve and maintain overall health and wellness. Nutrition can play a vital role in helping you achieve your goals and improve your quality of life. 

Instead of a one size fits all approach, through one-on-one nutrition counseling we can start where you currently are and make an individualized plan to work towards your goals.

You will find recipes, information on specific ingredients such as nutrients and their health benefits on my blog.

You can share your recipe creations with me using the hashtag #nutritionwithnoelle

Research & News

I will also share nutrition news and current research to keep everyone up to date on the latest nutrition related findings.

Buffalo Nutrition and Dietetics PLLC

at DENT Neurologic Institute

3980  Sheridan Dr. Suite 401

Amherst, NY

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